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Coconut Thatch Roof

To retain the beauty of genuine Thatched roof and at the same time enjoy many benefits of this roofing we developed “Artificial Thai Coconut Thatch Reed Tile”.

Advantage Of Thai Coconut Thatch Roof

  • Beauty- Just like the real natural coconut thatct.
  • Life Expectancy- The artificial reeds are characterized by long service life and weather resistance for 10 years
  • Maintenance- No maintenance required.
  • UV Effect- Highly Resistance. Do not fade easily
  • Mould, Rot and Decay- Warranty against rot or decay for 10 years.
  • Algae & Bacteria- No effect of Algae and Bacteria for 10 years.
  • Fire Resistance- Thatch Roof are resistance to sparks, Flames and Radiated Heat. They are considered “HARD ROOFING” with artificial reed shingles and thus not subject to special fire prevention



Ply or structural board can be placed on the purlins.

or the roofing can be installed directly on the slab

Facia in Thatch can be installed if needed

Water Proofing Membrane is installed on the flat surface.

A single line of starter with even blades is installed first.

The consecutive thatch tiles are laid with @30% exposure



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